About Cindy

Cindy O’Laughlin is the state senator representing Northeast Missouri in Senate District 18. She is a business owner focused on solving Missouri’s workforce shortage by emphasizing the value of skilled trades and conservative policies which strengthen families, the bedrock of our communities.

Cindy grew up on a farm and knows the value of hard work. Cindy co-owns Leo O’Laughlin, Inc. with her husband, Russell, with operations in Shelbina, Macon, Marceline and now LaBelle. Cindy’s work experience began with jobs such as detassling corn at the age of thirteen and she has worked in factories, livestock barns and as a school bus driver. She knows Missouri’s workforce is its most valuable asset. She also believes that we need entitlement reform in Missouri to encourage people to return to the workforce.

As a former school board member, Cindy knows that education is the most important key to building a skilled workforce. Cindy believes we worry too much about preparing students for college when we should invest more in our technical schools to teach people to work with their hands. Cindy will also fight to ensure that all Missouri students should receive a world-class education, regardless of where they live.

A born-again Christian, Cindy believes Missouri values matter for Missouri families and that actions are more important than words. Strong values lead to strong families which in turn builds success. She will fight Obama-era priorities of more government in our daily lives. She is endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and is endorsed by the NRA. She ran as a political outsider and was elected by the people of the district in 2018.


The O’Laughlin Platform

Missouri has lagged behind other states for decades. The key to a fulfilling. successful life for Missourians involves a business-friendly environment.

Increased Education Funding and Parental Choice – Missourians with job skills are in high demand. Education does not fit a one-size fits all template. Skilled trades as well as traditional education need additional funding to produce tomorrow’s workforce, including those who work with their hands. Families know best what path their students should follow.

Better infrastructure – Missouri sits at the crossroads of America and we have one of the largest highway systems in the country. Improved infrastructure strategies which utilizes creative ways to cut fraud, waste and abuse needs implemented. Additional funding achieved through innovation could produce huge results for Missourians.

Jobs Over Welfare – Missouri businesses struggle to fill vacant jobs while hundreds of thousands sit locked into entitlements. A system which allows growth toward independence could fill job vacancies and increase our economic well-being. We must reform entitlements to meet the state’s workforce needs while also honoring the sacrifice of our taxpayers.

Smaller Government – Government is inefficient because it is neither accountable nor effective. Politicians need to look for ways to reduce government red-tape and regulations. We must keep government at all levels out of our farms, businesses and every day lives Government consumes vast amounts of funding; less government frees Missouri to invest in areas which drive productivity.

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