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About Cindy

Cindy O’Laughlin is the state senator representing Northeast Missouri in Senate District 18. She is a business owner focused on solving Missouri’s workforce shortage by emphasizing the value of skilled trades and conservative policies which strengthen families, the bedrock of our communities.

Cindy grew up on a farm and knows the value of hard work. Cindy co-owns Leo O’Laughlin, Inc. with her husband, Russell, with operations in Shelbina, Macon, Marceline and now LaBelle. Cindy’s work experience began with jobs such as detassling corn at the age of thirteen and she has worked in factories, livestock barns and as a school bus driver. She knows Missouri’s workforce is its most valuable asset. She also believes that we need entitlement reform in Missouri to encourage people to return to the workforce.

As a former school board member, Cindy knows that education is the most important key to building a skilled workforce. Cindy believes we worry too much about preparing students for college when we should invest more in our technical schools to teach people to work with their hands. Cindy will also fight to ensure that all Missouri students should receive a world-class education, regardless of where they live.

A born-again Christian, Cindy believes Missouri values matter for Missouri families and that actions are more important than words. Strong values lead to strong families which in turn builds success. She will fight Obama-era priorities of more government in our daily lives. She is endorsed by Missouri Right to Life and is endorsed by the NRA. She ran as a political outsider and was elected by the people of the district in 2018.


The O’Laughlin Platform

Cindy O’Laughlin ran because she believes we’ve had enough with career politicians who are only interested in finding a high-paying appointed position or who want the title. Cindy understands she represents the people and she takes this to heart.

Cindy O’Laughlin ran for office because she is concerned about the future job opportunities for her grandchildren in rural Missouri, and for the families of Northeast Missouri. She is fighting to make our rural communities stronger.

O’Laughlin is a born-again Christian who believes that cake bakers and others should not be required to participate in gay weddings and other activities that do not fit their world-view.

The O’Laughlins have served as foster parents and helped others in their community with medical bills and housing when they were in need. They are Christian people who believe actions are more important than words and to lead others is to serve others.

Cindy O’Laughlin has been a tireless opponent of Obamacare and even organized a rally against Barrack Obama when he visited Macon in 2010. She is the type of fighter who stands up to bloated government in Jefferson City.

O’Laughlin has been a critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and the University of Missouri’s liberal policies on inclusion.

O’Laughlin is tired of society raising kids that are snow-flakes and will focus on education that teaches people to work with their hands in the skills and trades.

O’Laughlin has supported apprenticeship programs and vo-tech schools that train men and women to be a part of a skilled workforce.

O’Laughlin is a supporter for agriculture in Missouri. When HSUS and other liberal special interests came to the state to tell farmers and ranchers what to do – O’Laughlin organized meetings and successfully opposed their efforts. She is a top defender of agriculture and of farmers.

O’Laughlin supports tort reforms that stop ambulance-chasing trial lawyers from using our courts like a lottery.

A successful business woman, O’Laughlin knows the value of hard work and determination and the grit it takes to start at the bottom and work your way up in life.

O’Laughlin is a former school board member who believes all children deserve a good education, regardless of where they live. She is opposed to common core and believes local school boards, not bureaucrats should make decisions for local schools.

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